How to Know When Your Tree Needs Removal?

Did you know that there is an average of 200 tree-related fatal injuries every year in the United States? Majority are from forestry and logging services and the rest goes to tree maintenance. Most common causes are having lethal wounds from getting in contact with equipment such as chainsaws and axes, falling from trees, and transportation incidents. Every job has its own hazards and these are what comes with being a tree trimming and removal professional. If you are thinking of doing these works yourself, think again. Even specialists fail sometimes, how much more an amateur like you? The wisest decision for you to do is to call a professional and ask for a quote from a professional such as Brandon Tree Service. Allow these experts to take care of it all for you since they are the most qualified ones to do the job.

It is utterly crucial to take the necessary measures and precautions to protect oneself. Though not all efforts can completely be effective, at least, the severity of possible injuries can be reduced and fatal ones can be avoided. For a safe and efficient tree trimming and removal, here are some safety tips for you to know about. Whether you still insist do all the work yourself or call in for professionals, it always pays off to be informed.

  • Look out for power lines.

If you have to work close to some, contact the utility company first to get a de-energizing and grounding or shielding of power lines. Nonetheless, always assume that power lines are all energized. Maintain the proper and minimum approach distances to avoid any injuries. As you may know, you may get electrocuted if you, your materials, or the tree accidentally get in contact with it. Moreover, do not use any conductive tools and be extra careful with moving ladders and any other equipment around these parts.

  • Check the weather conditions.

Never perform any tree trimming, felling, or removal in dangerous weather conditions. It is best to wait it out and schedule the work some other time when the weather is all good. You can always rely on weather forecasts to decide whether or not to push through. Besides, tress are often prone to being hit by lightning. It is common sense that if you are working under that tree and a lightning strikes, the chances of your survival sure is bleak.

  • Use appropriate safety equipment.

Staying away from power lines and working in a good weather are not enough to keep you safe. Both efforts are useless if you will do the job with zero protective gears. You must use all necessary safety equipment such as helmet/face shield, gloves, goggles/safety glasses, work shoes, and protective clothing, to name a few.

  • Conduct a pre-work assessment.

Doing an initial evaluation of the area and what needs to be done will help you do the necessary preparations to do the job right the first time. Proper planning, just like in any other service, is one of the important factors in safe tree trimming and felling. This way, you are well prepared to handle the work. Moreover, a precise and accurate tree service estimate will be done as well, based on the results of the inspection.

  • Mark your work area.

Of course, it is not only important to keep the worker safe, but also the people around. Mark your area with cones and signs and wear high visibility clothing so that passersby and your co-workers too are given a heads up of what is happening.